Project 3: Malawi - Zomba, surrounds and Mangochi


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For His Glory

Zomba 14th of April - 19th May, 2009

We are in Zomba for a little over a month to work with the Lydia Project.

We will help in any area of need. Cay is looking to do some English and Mathematics teaching as well as visiting some of the remote sewing projects and providing some education on HIV/AIDS. Max will be repairing anything that needs it from sewing machines, bicycles, to the electrical problems. He will also train locals so that they can do the repairs themselves in the future.

Rachel Fiedler is a local and she is the Program Director of the Lydia Project. Rachel founded the Project to give local women opportunities to learn a variety of skills, some of these skills will aid them in seeking employment or form a small business of their own - therefore encouraging self sustainability.

Initially the program provided skills in sewing as well as Bible Study. However, the program has developed much further and includes the following:

* Orphan and widow support
* Famine assistance with seed and fertiliser
* HIV/AIDS and health education
* Tailoring courses
* Orphan's Secondary School bursaries
* Leadership training
* Primary and Secondary Education in remote areas such as the Rita Tuition Centre.

Lydia Workshops are held several times a year in Australia for volunteers to prepare for shipments to Zomba in the following areas:

* Sewing kits - including materials, cotton, buttons etc
* Make school bags for orphans
* Sew fleecy tops
* Make rugs
* Wool/knitting needles
* Sewing machines - hand operated and electric.

These photos are of volunteers preparing a shipment of materials to head to Zomba. From receiving boxes of donated materials, to sorting the materials and putting sewing kits together, to ensuring all contents are listed and safely tucked away in a shipment container.Then the photo of some of the tools that arrived by DHL in Zomba and then checking that all is in there. We look forward to the container arriving in Zomba around mid May.

Help with the Lydia Workshops and donations are always welcome. For more information about how you can help please email the Office at Hughes Baptist Church in Hughes, Canberra, Australia. Make sure you put Lydia Project in the the subject line: