"Baby Hope" in hospital just after she was found near a ravine in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
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Update on "Baby Hope" March 09
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For His Glory

Welcome to our travels:

Max and Cay travel the world in 2009.

1 year            4 Projects       4 Continents


We had been contemplating taking some time off our jobs to give back to the broader community in a voluntary capacity.  A couple of years ago one of our missionaries visited our church and talked about the work that he was doing in Malawi.  The work involves helping villages become “self sustainable”.  Max’s ears pricked up when he heard about the IT needs for an Education Centre.  The seed was planted.  About a year after that someone else visited and again shared about the needs for someone who knew about IT.  It was then that Max and I started seriously asking the Lord about us going to help and to also do another couple of projects.

We have a love for Community Radio and decided to mix our year with a variety of projects. Below is a short description of each project and if you click on the project you will find out more details. We are excited about helping out in a varieties of projects and hope you enjoy travelling with us via the internet. Blessings to you.
Max and Cay

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4 Projects

Project 1 – NZ and South Pacific

Project 2 – Haiti in the Carribean

Project 3 – Malawi – Total Life Care Project

Project 4 – USA – Indiana

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